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Wednesday, 03 August 2011 18:00

Abingor provides customers the perfect solution of architectural computer graphics, our services cover architectural design scheme presentations, architectural animation, architectural renderings and so on.

Architectural Renderings
Architectural renderings can vividly simulate architecture and its appearance after construction completion. It is the best way of exhibiting architectural design achievement. The renderings not only convey the information of the building itself, but also fully express the relations among building, environment, culture and history etc.

Architectural Animations
Architectural animation is to present architecture and architecture related activities. It usually visualizes architects’ design conception via computer software and makes audience experience the designed space.

The audience is in multimedia presentation environment, the presentation content is the core of which they get to experience.

Visual Reality
Virtual reality (VR) is a term that applies to computer-simulated environments that can simulate physical presence in places in the real world, as well as in imaginary worlds.

Physical Models
A physical model is to representation a project that is larger or smaller than the actual size of the object, which seeks to maintain the relative proportions of the physical size of the real building.

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